A Little Of Our Life

My name is Eric Ruby and that GORGEOUS woman next to me is Sara, my bride. She is such an amazing, Godly woman and loves to encourage.  A few years ago while we were dating, Sara mentioned that I should take my woodworking hobby to the next level.  I pushed the thought away saying, "I've got a career", but I secretly dreamed of the day I could provide beautiful creations for people and their homes. After some time, encouragement, and practicing a bit more, I began to see the potential in this business as well.  It's amazing what happens when you start taking the lid off of a dream...it naturally wants to come out.  This is how "Redefined Woodworking Co." was born.

We met in San Diego, California in March 2015, relocated to Annapolis, Maryland with the Navy at the end of 2016, got married on April 22, 2017 and now we are currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. On our honeymoon, we talked about our wildest dreams and aspirations for a life of adventure, creativity, integrity, meaningful relationships, fulfilling work, and lots of beautiful babies. Redefined is a huge part of the dream in our heart. Its so fun to watch my husband get giddy about his work and use his engineering skills to add functionality to beautiful pieces of furniture he creates. I feel this same joy inside of myself when designing products, developing marketing strategies, and thinking of creative ways to make an idea better. So, here we are.

Our Philosophy


"Handcrafted, American-made furniture and specialty products for every lifestyle."

While we were dating, Sara would laugh as I continually wanted to visit expensive furniture stores that were way past any kind of budget that we could muster at the time. I was so entranced by the beauty, the engineering and design of these pieces... spectacular. I would come across the price tag and feel defeated. Why does the average Joe Schmo have to earn a small fortune for a piece of gorgeous furniture in their home? That is when we decided.  We want to provide high-quality, functional and beautifully designed furniture for a price that is right for your lifestyle.

Eric's Background

I've always had an interest in making things with my hands. My dad is a self taught engineer and while I was growing up, the dinner table was always filled with discussion of electrical troubleshooting, machines he was working on and the latest 'do-hickey' he found in a parts bin. This only fed the fire.


For a better idea of what I was like as kid, click here.

In 2010, I became a graduate at the U.S. Naval Academy where I earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I dabbled in woodworking as a hobby until friends, specifically my wife, started noticing that my hobby had turned into a passion and would make a great business while continuing my service in the Navy.

Sara's Background

In 2012, I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. I joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ as a mentor to high school and college women before entering the teaching profession as a substitute teacher and tutor in San Diego. With a move across the country for our military transfer, came a lot of soul searching and like Eric mentioned above, Redefined was born. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and immerse myself in any project I can get my hands on. I love thinking of creative ways to grow and expand our business and am ecstatic that I get to partner with my husband in this venture.

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