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01 - Basic Woodworking 
One Hour Session

This course is designed to be an initial exposure and skills building class that continue layer on each other. One-time classes are available to explore and gauge interest, improve specific skill sets and/or explore advanced techniques.
1 Hour/Session, Includes lumber
Class size (4 max/group):
1 - $100/student
2 - $75/student
3 - $65/student
4 - $55/student

02 - Basic Woodworking
16 Week Semester Course

Semester students can expect to learn all aspects covered in the basic woodworking individual class.  Students will additionally have the opportunity to complete a woodworking project(s) as part of their semester goals, employing the skills developed (i.e. picnic table, bench, keepsake box, chest, etc).  

1 Hour/Session, Includes lumber
Semester: 16 weeks (2 max/group) -$1600/student

03 - Building with K'NEX
Two Hour Session

The group of participants will be offered a hands-on STEAM experience using K'NEX materials including a 'Build Challenge' of the day.  Students will be able to take their creations home until next class to facilitate discussion in the home environment.  

2 Hour/Session
Class size (4 minimum, 12 maximum)


Class will be offered approximately three times per month.


04 - Build Your Own Table!

-Up to 40hrs of instruction and building.
-Finished Project: Hand-crafted 8ft, 40in     Wide Hardwood Dining Table
-One of Two Styles: Parson or Oval
-Wood Choices: White Oak, Maple, Black Walnut
Maximum Class Size - 1 (or two family members)

05 - Build Your Own Bench!

-Up to 12hrs of instruction and building-Finished Project: Hand-crafted 7ft Long, 15in Deep, 18in High Hardwood Bench
-Modern Design
Wood Choices: White Oak, Maple, Black Walnut

Maximum Class Size: 2

06 - Lathe 101: Introduction 

This class is intended to be a specific focus on the art of the lathe in regard to wood and furniture making.
2 Hours/Session, Including Lumber

Maximum Class size - 1, Lumber included

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